An FP7 EU Funded R&D Project

Labman has specialised in developing bespoke instrumentation, robotic systems, automation, software and electronic solutions for worldwide customers since its establishment 25 years ago. It has installations in most of Europe and globally. The company has a custom designed factory based in Stokesley, North Yorkshire UK with an entirely open plan layout. This provides the company with the ability to take on projects of hugely varying size and complexity. The factory includes a fully equipped workshop. This allows the 25 Labman engineers to build, prototype and manufacture nearly all the required components in house. Staff are actively encouraged to develop a range of skills and to participate in all projects to some degree. This ensures concepts are plentiful and skill resources are flexible. Other features include state of the art CAD systems for rapid and precise development, CADCAM, rapid prototyping and company integrated project control and development software.

Labman is developing the driving circuitry, will design and intragte the system and be involved in the exploitation of the projects results.
Labman Automation Ltd., Stokesley, United Kingdom