An FP7 EU Funded R&D Project

MRC-Holland is a biotechnology company founded in 1985, which initially specialised in the sales of restriction enzymes, DNA modifying enzymes and DNA molecular weight markers in bulk amounts. In 1997, MRC-Holland started focusing on the development of new techniques for DNA analysis. By far the most successful technique developed is Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification or MLPA®. MLPA is a sensitive technique for relative quantification of up to 50 different nucleic acid sequences in a single, easy to perform, reaction. Since its introduction in January 2002, the use of MLPA has rapidly spread and the technique currently in routine use in around a thousand laboratories worldwide. MRC-Holland currently has about 35 employees, working in development, quality testing, production, sales and customer service. MRC-Holland’s objective is to provide easy-to-use, high quality tools for genetic analysis at a price that laboratories in most parts of the world can afford.

MRC-Holland will be designing probes, performing the MLPA reaction off-chip and distribute relevant MLPA reagents.
MRC Holland BV, Amsterdam,The Netherlands