An FP7 EU Funded R&D Project

Oslo University Hospital (OUS) is the result of the fusion, 1. January 2009, of the hospitals Rikshospitalet (The Norwegian National Hospital), The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Ullevål and Aker hospitals, constituting thereby Norway’s largest hospital, with approximately 20 000 employees. OUS has national specialist functions in a number of medial fields in addition to regional and local hospital functions. Research within a large spectrum of fields is being performed at OUS, especially including cancer, immunology, stem cells, molecular biology and neurological research. The hospital has status as a Comprehensive Cancer Centre. Pioneering work performed at Institute for Cancer Research at the Radium Hospital, within the field of early cancer detection/micrometastasis, constituted an important methodological background for the Micrometastasis Project when it was initiated in 1993.

Oslo University Hospital will advice the consortium for a users's perspective. It will be involved in benchmarking and dissemination activities.
Oslo University Hospital, Oslo, Norway