An FP7 EU Funded R&D Project

The Nanobiotechnology and Bioanalysis Group (NBG) is a technology transfer and research organisation that belongs to the University Rovira i Virgili. The centre is focused on research and innovation in industrial and biomedical biotechnology. It works as an independent unit within the University structure and its personnel belongs both to the University and the University's foundation. The centre has facilities for microfabrication, cell and molecular biology, microbiology, materials research and electrochemistry. It shares facilities with the University in the areas of microscopy and chemical analysis. The centre's recent applied research resulted among other achievements in the development of equipment for fast detection of pathogens, the development of new analytical methods for gluten detection, microsystem concepts for lab-on-a- chip applications. Two research groups working on bioelectrochemistry and nanotechnology are related with the centre. About 40 scientists are affiliated with the centre including administration, graduate students, technicians, post doctoral fellows and researchers. The main affiliation of NBG is with the Department of Chemical Engineering.

The main role of URV in MIRACLE is the development of nano-electrochemical sensors and associated surface chemistry for the highly sensitive label-free detection of low-picomolar concentration of post-MLPA genetic markers.
Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Tarragona, Spain